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We use data and qualitative research to understand brand, business, market, people and their perceptions, in order to give our clients a complete knowledge of their customers and the best practices for communication, platforms and business.

We map and define the strategy for brands and companies within the Digital ecosystem, finding the intersection between people’s needs and business results.

Always focused on innovation, we generate creative ideas and test them to find efficient solutions. We deliver valuable design for humans, systems and businesses.

We create, develop and implement digital solutions focused on operational efficiency, process improvement and user experience, as well as the technical expertise of MarTech platforms, languages ​​and tools.

Media is more than communication, Media is monetization. We work by generating media budget savings and/or increasing conversion results for business results.

We leverage and accelerate business through data, supporting them to become more data-driven. In order to do that, we combine analytical and technical capabilities, ranging from data gathering, data engeneering and data analysis to data activation.

We perform an immersion in the operation of the client to establish a workflow, applying our process in an adaptable way, performing the integration between Gauge’s capabilities, so that there is control, visibility and elimination of waste on all deliveries.

What we believe:

centric results

Improving and simplifying customers’ lives with digital solutions created by understanding consumer behaviour and data analytics.

What we deliver:

High Performance solutions that leverage business results

Gauge and ABInbev: partnership of results
Our Digital Media Monitoring Tool
Insights for Brazil's largest bank

Ambev / Insights and Searches

Gauge and ABInbev: partnership of results

Throughout this partnership, the allocation of multidisciplinary squads proved to be important for be more efficient in campaigns. See project

Gauge / Insights and Searches

Our Digital Media Monitoring Tool

Perceptool has a dedicated team of developers that optimizes its operation and creates functionalities according to the clients' needs. See project

Itaú / Insights and Searches

Insights for Brazil's largest bank

We raised the brand health in an adverse scenario. See project


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Sao Paulo - SP
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Sao Jose dos Campos - Brazil

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Sao Jose dos Campos - SP
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Essex - United Kingdom

Jubilee House, 3 The Drive - CM13 3FR Brentwood - UK
Essex - Brentwood
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Michigan - United States of America

27100 W 11 Mile Road
Michigan - MI
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