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The outstanding work on digital channels uses Gauge's intelligence.

We raised the brand health in an adverse scenario.

Gauge is a partner for every moment.

Gauge’s long-term partnership with Itaú (the largest bank in the southern hemisphere) and has taken different forms to meet the bank’s diverse needs since 2014.

The buzz monitoring operation has helped improve results and avoid crises on several work fronts. For example, the development of a methodology for selection and management of digital influencers. Focusing on performance, Gauge was able to adapt the logic of measuring results intrinsic to media operations for the use of influencers. As a result, 98% of the profiles validated or suggested by Gauge had a predominant positive performance.

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Methodology of selection and analysis of digital influencers

In this market it is still common to find shallow analyses and a selection of influencers based only on their organic reaches. We value the objectives and goals of our partners. We transfer the culture of results’ monitoring and optimisation to all possible functional areas.

To select and evaluate digital influencers we propose a process based on prerequisites and monitoring of quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Through mathematical analysis, we give weight to various aspects of influence, relevance and credibility. This process enables us to measure an influencer’s performance at all levels.

Our relationship with Itaú shows that Gauge adapts in an agile way and continues to offer clients intelligence in several scenarios.

50% increase in brand health

Through buzz monitoring we contributed to a 53% increase in brand health.

80% positive perception

Through buzz monitoring we contributed to a 53% increase in brand health. With the crisis management squad, Gauge oriented the replacement of advertising film broadcast on TV in the period of the 2014 World Cup, resulting in the reversal of the negative perception of more than 50% to over 80% positive perception.

Optimising Media investment

In addition to combating crises, the business unit is dedicated to prevention. In 2017, for example, we ensured that a crisis related to sponsorship of artistic institutions and activities, which afflicted competitors of the bank, did not affect the image of Itaú.

This was made possible by constant analysis in four daily deliveries focused on anticipating critical cases and providing inputs for the client’s public positioning.

48% reduction in CPC compared to the 2015 average
75% more efficient of CPM than other providers


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