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Our Digital Media Monitoring Tool

Meet Gauge’s new buzz tool

Perceptool has a dedicated team of developers that optimizes its operation and creates functionalities according to the clients’ needs.

In 6 Years, Perceptool has captured more than 435 million mentions.

Gauge excels in the social media analytics market by having a proprietary digital media monitoring tool, Perceptool. It is common for agencies and consultancies to rely on third-party tools to offer this service. Developed internally, the tool supports buzz operations of multiple clients and provides data for research and studies headed by the Insights discipline.

Events such as elections and World Cup and dates like Black Friday and Christmas are important for everyone because they generate marketing opportunities. With that in mind, we permanently capture data and compile surveys of user behavior on the internet. In this way we direct our partners to explore these opportunities in an assertively way.

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How Perceptool works:

The tool connects to social networks via API and captures both organic and proprietary data (with permission).

After captured, the data is handled as algorithms by machine intelligence or by a dedicated monitoring team. These data are transformed into relevant deliverables such as brand health reports and studies about perceptions that guides customers into making a decision.

Data Capture Peaks

World Cup (2014)

28m World Cup (2014)

Elections (2014)

21m Elections (2014)

Impeachment (2016)

11m Impeachment (2016)

Olympics (2016)

17m Olympics (2016)

Rock in Rio (2017)

11m Rock in Rio (2017)


Perceptool has a team of developers dedicated to improving its functionality and creating new
features matching the needs of our clients. The team has developed invaluable solutions such
as customisable dashboards, automatic classification of mentions via machine learning and
georeferencing searches, among others.

Social media monitoring is the basis for crisis operations, image health diagnoses, perception of
users and campaign tracking. Furthermore, this business unit provides insights for content
creation, campaigns, products, interface design and media.



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